Venue: The Herb Garden, Naul, Co. Dublin     Date: Saturday 20th April 2024

Wild Garlic and Nettles in Basket

Springtime always reignites my enthusiasm for foraging. I love to see the fresh green shoots of some of my favourite edible and medicinal wild herbs re-emerging. Even though I have been foraging for years, seeing the tender new growth of these plants that no one planted always excites me. They are a sign of renewal and vitality and the wonder of the cycle of nature.

Nettles, sorrel, dandelions, tri-cornered leek and the tasty and versatile wild garlic or ramsons, re-appear year after year to feed and nourish us. No cultivation, no chemicals, no food miles or no plastic packaging involved.

Unfortunately, the value of these plants is unappreciated by many, because the knowledge of how to identify and use them has been lost. I would like to share my own knowledge and appreciation of nature’s bounty with you.

Join me in my garden where I will teach you how to safely identify native Irish plants and herbs, with plenty of tips on using them to create tasty and nutritious wild food dishes.

I will then bring you to a nearby location where you can sustainably harvest your own wild garlic to take home. You will learn about the Forager’s Code, which encourages safe, respectful and responsible foraging. Safety is key so the focus will be on giving you the knowledge that will allow you to forage with confidence.

Everyone will receive an e-book on wild garlic, covering identification, harvesting, preparation and my own original recipes, including recipes for wild garlic soup and wild garlic pesto.

Some of the plants we will cover include:

  • Wild garlic, ramsons
  • Tri-cornered leek
  • Nettles
  • Dandelions
  • Cleavers
  • Ground ivy
  • Elder
  • Hawthorn


Venue: The Herb Garden, Naul, Co. Dublin

Date: Saturday 20th April 2024

Note: Wild Garlic is usually in season from late February to early May depending on the weather conditions.

Time: 11:00 to 13:00

ADULTS €45.00 (Including an eBook on wild garlic, covering identification, harvesting, preparation and my own original recipes)
CHILDREN €15 (under 16 years old)


Enquiries: Contact Denise on 087 2758896 or email denise@theherbschool.ie

Please Note: Some of these dates may be liable to change depending on the weather. Some years the new growth starts in early February and other years everything is hidden under a blanket of snow as late as early May!

Future Dates: More dates will be added depending on demand.


Personalised Events: Private events can be arranged for your group (in Naul or in other locations) and they can be tailored to suit your specific area of interest.

Group Bookings: Group bookings are welcome. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Contact: Denise on 087 2758896 or email denise@theherbschool.ie

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